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Ole Tange napisa?(a):
> If you are woken during periods of light sleep then you will feel more
> rested than if you are woken during deep sleep.
> To reliably identify when you are sleeping lightly we will need EEG.
> In a real life scenario that is not possible and it may be OK if the
> identification is not completely reliable.
> If we assume that you are more noisy (e.g. turning in you sleep) then
> we can use the noise level as indicator.
I like the idea very much. I though about it a week ago! :-)
You must know (and probably do about REM) the thing is, that the cycle 
with deep and shallow sleep takes about 1,5h. Optimal solution is to 
sleep during multiplies of 1,5h then you will wake up during shallow 
sleep and be more rested. My idea was to observe (by sounds and/or 
vision) sleeping person to guess when he/she fallen asleep. Then the 
1,5h counter begins.
Idea with ranges is awesome.

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