Idea: Wake me during light sleep

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Mon Mar 12 16:53:56 CET 2007

Dean Collins wrote:
> Hey guys, you're missing the point. You need to stop thinking of the
> openmoko  device being a standalone unit, you are always connected to
> your pc when in mobile phone coverage. 
> Just use your gprs data link.
> Start thinking of the Neo as a portable 'viewer' to applications running
> on standalone servers then you'll start seeing location is irrelevant.
No, it's not.
Absolutely not.
No way.

With most UK contracts and pay to talk deals, I get a whole megabyte a 
month free!
I need to pay around $80(US) per month or so for unlimited GPRS data.
The cheapest 'pay as you go' sort of data tarrifs are around $6/meg, and 
that requires a contract.

And in many buildings, I don't get a signal.

If it possibly can be done, applications should live on the phone, 
perhaps 'growing' if they can get connectivity.

Connectivity can be anything from GPRS, to SMS, to walking by a wifi 
access point that you have access to, to USB-net.

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