Screen size

Steven ** montgoss+openmokocommunity at
Mon Mar 12 19:00:24 CET 2007

I was doing some size comparisons and it raised a question.

People at FIC are probably sick and tired of being compared to the
iPhone, but it is quite the competition when it comes to hardware.
For example, is a comparison
between the iPhone and its screen against the Neo1973 and its screen.
As you can see, the percentage of the face occupied by the screen is
significantly more on the iPhone...

I got the size of the Neo1973's screen from  It is
there that I noticed another screen: the TD035STEE1.  As you can see
here, it is the exact same size
as the iPhone's screen.  Is that screen compatible with the rest of
the Neo1973 hardware?  What would have to be changed to support that
bigger screen?  Could it be a after-market mod?

I'm not a hardware guy and most of the acronyms on that TPO site mean
nothing to me, so type slowly.

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