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Mon Mar 12 19:06:31 CET 2007


I say, "seems like you could do this all without a PC (or a Mac.)"

But I understand what you're saying... people on this list (and most  
potential users of the Neo) are likely to have multiple PC's from  
which they could do the same thing.

But one of the things that's really vexed me over the lifetime of  
WinCE and PalmOS is their dependence on PCs to do simple tasks. The  
normal mode of operation for both platforms (until recently) was to  
require a PC to install apps, receive mail and sync calendars. I have  
an idea that my PIM data would be "out there, somewhere" on a  
connected server somewhere, and I would use a constellation of lite  
clients to access it.

So for me, I'm thinkin' I'll be web and email browsin' on something  
like a Nokia 770, syncing my calendar and address book mostly to a  
device that looks like a candy-bar phone, typing large documents with  
something rather like the old Psion 7 notebook, playing games on  
something like a Nintendo GameCube, watching TV with something like  
MythTV or AppleTV, and listening to music on something like an  
Airport Express. The PC will turn into more of a data and application  
server I have to store sensitive or frequently accessed information.  
Yeah, it's a long way off from where we are now, but why not begin  
making the future now?

So my take on the X.10 scenario below is the phone is also being used  
as a "master remote control," which is okay. Personally, I like the  
idea of having an X.10 run on something with a larger screen (like  
the 770 or the myPhone.) But I think what we may be going for in this  
scenario is we're providing functionality to a device you always have  
with you.

Though in light of my comments about how I don't like PC's in the  
middle of things, I'm thinking we have a WiFi <-> X.10 controller or  
Blooteuth <-> X.10 controller so you don't have to have your PC on  
all the time.

-Matt H.

On Mar 12, 2007, at 5:28 AM, David Schlesinger wrote:

> >If your PC is in range, it would be easy to send
> >a message to your PC which could have an attached
> >X10 transmitter to control your lights, or other
> >appliances. You could set up a X10 theme through
> >your PC to gradually increase the lights, turn on
> >your coffee maker etc when the openmoko detects
> >your light sleep mode.
> I'm not sure how the phone is necessary in this scenario. It seems  
> you could do all of this without it...
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