Creating a SIP client for the OpenMoko

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Mon Mar 12 19:50:56 CET 2007

Chuck Pareto wrote:
> I was thinking about getting a Sip phone to use with the Gizmo Voip 
> service
> (my friend is using it and loves it), but then thought about creating a
> Sip/Voip client to run on the OpenMoko. Does anyone know if this would be
> possible? Can it be done exclusively in software? I don't know if this 
> has
> already been covered in the forums so any response would be helpful.
> -Chuck
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Its been covered, I'm just too lazy to dig up the old threads.  I don't 
think there is a problem with creating a SIP client, but the main issue 
is the lack of a sufficiently fast enough transmission (ie no WiFi).  
There is bluetooth and that is a possibility, but would require a 
Bluetooth Network Access Point.  If you have (or plan to have) one of 
those in your home/wherever then it could make sense, but that won't 
help you while you are on the go as network access via Bluetooth is 
pretty scarce.  GPRS possibly even EDGE (not in current hardware, but 
possibly in future revs) isn't great for VoIP.  There is a lot of 
latency in those protocols, so that is why voice doesn't sound that 
great coming over them.

Very simplified explanation, so if you want more details just let us 
know and I/we will be more specific.

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