Creating a SIP client for the OpenMoko

Robert Michel openmoko at
Mon Mar 12 20:06:11 CET 2007

Salve Chuck!

On Mon, 12 Mar 2007, Chuck Pareto wrote:

> I was thinking about getting a Sip phone to use with the Gizmo Voip service
> (my friend is using it and loves it), but then thought about creating a
> Sip/Voip client to run on the OpenMoko. Does anyone know if this would be
> possible? 

Of course should be possible... and I expect that someone
will port an existing sip client to OpenMoko and that such
a client will get an integration into the dailer menue....
But this work is hardware independent it could be done at
a later point or just by someone using the emulator¹...

Which Network connection you thought to use for Sip/Voip?
- GPRS to much delays/still to expensive
- Wlan - you still need a battery powerd hub and a USB Wifi
- usb cable - also not handy
- bluetooth! ;)

For your home there is IMHO a more smart solution with Bluetooth:
  Asterisk Channel Driver to allow Bluetooth Cell/Mobile Phones 
  to be usedas FXO devices. Wed Feb 14 15:49:56 CET 2007
With asteriks you could manage your incomming calls not only when you
are at home (forwarding to your Neo1973), but also when you are not
able to use Voip directly - switching between
- forward to GSM (you are paying)
- answering machine
- not reachable/rejecting
Using Voip on the Neo with asterisk on a 24/24h maschine allows
another trick - you do not need to have Bluetooth 24/24h on for
getting incomming calls - asterisk could ring you via GSM from
a special account - the caller ID used of your asterik will make
your Neo1973 switching Bleutooth on ;)

When it is not only about doing cheap calls, Paul Wouters is working
on doing encrypted calls via Jabberclient - the calls will be made
via GSM data calls.

What have been your ideas about using Sip/Voip with the Neo1973?



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