What AT commands does NEO1973 support?

Matthew S. Hamrick mhamrick at cryptonomicon.net
Tue Mar 13 17:54:42 CET 2007

Since no one else has lept on this one, I'll pipe in with my comment.

At the eTel conference, I asked Sean Moss-Pulz about this indirectly,  
actually asking if the GSM module they're using is open enough for me  
to download the details of their AT command set support.  
Unfortunately, the GSM module is one of those components that comes  
with an NDA, so no, I can't just go and download the specs.

But there is a bright side, 3GPP has a standard set of AT commands  
that all GSM modems are supposed to respond to, and the two that you  
mention MultiParty Call Control (AT+CHLD) and Call Waiting (AT+CCWA)  
are in the list. Sean said that for reasons of adhering to the NDA,  
he couldn't discuss specifics, but it was reasonable to expect the  
modem to respond to standard 3GPP commands.

My concern, however, is that while the commands themselves are more  
or less standardized, the behavior of the module is not. I wrote a  
simple dialer for the Telit GM862 module used by the FrankenPhone /  
SqueakMoPho. Some behavior, such as the amount of time you should  
wait before assuming the module isn't going to compete the call, or  
the state your device is in after it doesn't complete a call. These  
types of behaviors are not covered in the 3GPP spec.

It's not a huge deal, but software that is designed to take timing  
issues into account can provide a more responsive and more robust  
experience. But depending on the robustness of the module they're  
using, it could very well turn out to be a non-issue.

-Matt H.

On Mar 13, 2007, at 2:42 AM, Rockmen Jack wrote:

> Hi,
>   Does NEO1973 support AT command, such as call wait, multiparty  
> call control, etc? Althought there are BP functions, I don't know  
> where I can find this information. Can I send AT command directly  
> to BP in development board via serial port?
> Cherrs,
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