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Tue Mar 13 18:12:00 CET 2007

Dnia wtorek, 13 marca 2007, Sean Moss-Pultz napisał:

> OpenMoko is built around the philosophy that far more knowledge exists
> outside the walls of a corporation than within. Internally, we're
> struggling with two issues. So we're throwing this out, hoping that
> some of you have can help us move past our current crossroads:
>   1) We can't find a WiFi Chipset with GPL'ed drivers

Ralink Technology has chipset with GPL driver (outside of mainline kernel, 
also in -mm kernel iirc). Zydas also have GPL driver (in mainline 

Ralink chipset takes 40mA less then Zydas. Both are 802.11g and can be 
connected over USB. I do not know can they be connected over SPI.

IIRC both are 3.3V so no need for +5V at all.

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