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Scott Rushforth wrote:

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> Not sure what this has to do with Wifi?
> I think part of the issue is that the openmoko is a GSM device, and GSM
> is available all over the world.  I bet the majority of the company
> (FIC), and current developers are probably not even in the same country
> you are.  (i have no clue).
> So especially in this first developer phase, I think its fair and
> understandable that developers and interested individuals do their own
> research and experimentation to find out how they will make it work for
> them, and contribute that back to the community.
> Let's face it, the device is in its very early form, and a lot of
> things are not going to be very polished it seems.  I for one am
> willing to pay the 350, and also willing to check my account status
> with cingular online every few days to see what my usage will look like.

What this has to do with wifi is covered in my last email.  If I can't 
have wifi on the device, then I have to rely on the mobile service 
provider.  If I have to rely on the mobile service provider, then I have 
to figure out what plan to get.  If we have to do that, then the 
openmoko people shouldn't leave us entirely on our own.  If they're 
going to sell worldwide then they should FIGURE OUT worldwide.

This is open source development.  So we developers aren't making money 
here.  I for, one am NOT willing to pay $350 to get a device that I'm 
not sure will work with whatever service I choose, and therefore that 
I'm not sure I can even develop for.

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