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Tue Mar 13 20:24:08 CET 2007

On Tue, 13 Mar 2007 20:00:14 +0100, Marcin Juszkiewicz  
<openembedded at> wrote:

> Dnia wtorek, 13 marca 2007, Imre Kaloz napisał:
>> Regarding the USB ones, the Atmel is pretty much EOL'ed as far as
>> I know, and the driver for the others are not stable nor too portable.
> Not portable? There are users or ARM (Xscale, IOP) machines which use
> ralink and zydas dongles with their hardware...

...and they suffer from the same problems since the vendor code-drop.  
Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the work the rt2x00 guys are  
doing, but there will be quite some time before that driver will work  
reliable - and it's not their fault, they had to base the whole work on  
the vendor driver, not actual datasheets.

Regarding the ZyDAS chip, probably you either mean the 802.11b version,  
which is EOL'ed and has a clean and nice driver, or the 802.11b/g one,  
which has currently 3 different drivers with different bugs.

Oh, mea culpa, most of the ZyDAS portability problems "only" affect big  
endian systems ;)


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