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Scott Rushforth wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Mar 2007 14:46:57 -0400
> Mike <fromlists at> wrote:
>> Good to see things moving forward on the wifi issue.  But,
>> I was going to be a developer for this platform, but in light of my 
>> recent thread, and the lack of wifi support, I don't think I can, at 
>> least not until it's launched to the general public, which defeats
>> the entire purpose of the developer release phase.  It's because of
>> the following:
>> 1. The sheer quantity of information about finding a mobile provider 
>> with a data plan that will support the neo, as indicated by the
>> useful responses to my recent thread.  And the lack of certainty of
>> that information.  "I think this will work".  I appreciate those
>> responses from non-openmoko people, because it's all we've got to go
>> on.  And that brings me to problem 2:
>> 2. The fact that the openmoko guys have apparently just washed their 
>> hands of the entire issue of which services will work, and aren't 
>> providing any information on the site (and very little on the wiki).
>> (At least start with the big countries/regions).  Your device is
>> great, guys, your platform sounds great too. But you can't leave us
>> all on our own when it comes to getting the thing on the net.  Your
>> neo is a $350 doorstop without a working service provider.
>> 3. If there was wifi on the device this wouldn't be nearly as much of
>> an issue, obviously, because we wouldn't need to rely on the provider
>> to get on the net.
>> Either give us detailed information on which providers and plans will 
>> work, or get wifi on the device.  Those are the two roads at the
>> crossroads.
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> Not sure what this has to do with Wifi?
> I think part of the issue is that the openmoko is a GSM device, and GSM
> is available all over the world.  I bet the majority of the company
> (FIC), and current developers are probably not even in the same country
> you are.  (i have no clue).
> So especially in this first developer phase, I think its fair and
> understandable that developers and interested individuals do their own
> research and experimentation to find out how they will make it work for
> them, and contribute that back to the community.
> Let's face it, the device is in its very early form, and a lot of
> things are not going to be very polished it seems.  I for one am
> willing to pay the 350, and also willing to check my account status
> with cingular online every few days to see what my usage will look like.
> I think if one wants a more polished, internet capable device,
> hopefully this community will help that happen by September.  But it
> will take a community, research, dedication, and time from many
> individuals.  We are at the beginning.
> Cheers, and I can't wait for phase 1.
> -Scott
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Not to over simplify, but for the most part GSM and GPRS are very 
simple.  You will get a SIM card from your provider.  Here in the US, 
that would (probably) be either T-Mobile of Cingular.  That SIM card is 
your "key" to get onto the providers networks.  If you have a valid SIM 
card for making calls, then you can put it in and it will "just work".  
If your SIM also has a data plan associated with it (separate 
discussion) then you just have to configure some basic information in 
order for your internet to also "just work."

I HIGHLY doubt (I'd actually be willing to bet) that the Neo is 
incapable of working with the US carriers.  Now, that doesn't mean that 
it will be easy in the first few weeks/months of the developers edition 
of the device, but it is not a hardware limitation.  So, don't worry 
about whether or not you will be able to get onto the 
will.  It just may require a little elbow grease to get it working.  
However, if you actually did read the wiki, the developers edition is 
NOT meant for non-technical users, or users that can't handle bugs.

I'm not trying to be overly insulting (directed toward Mike), but I'm 
not sure how great of a developer you can be if you can't figure out 
some of these basic questions.

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