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Tue Mar 13 21:42:18 CET 2007

That's been exactly my experience as well.  During some periods in  
which I was on the road, the dial up networking through my treo was  
my only internet, and I've had no difficulties.  That is not what  
customer service is going to tell you.  Talking to tech support, I've  
had them ask "now, could you tell me how to do that with my phone?"   
Somehow, they're not catching up.

On Mar 13, 2007, at 1:54 PM, community-request at wrote:

> The Cingular data plans have been discussed ad nauseum over at  
>  The consensus is that basically all the plans  
> will work fine and with the web access to your account you're free  
> to add or subtract any of the data plans w/o dealing w/ customer  
> service.  That being said, I've been happily using the $19.99  
> unlimited data plan for the last 3 years.  There doesn't appear to  
> be any 'wall' - I can surf anywhere, vpn, ssh, pop, imap, etc.  On  
> a monthly basis my usage is between 80 - 90 Mb.

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