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Tue Mar 13 23:34:52 CET 2007

On 3/13/07, Mike <fromlists at> wrote:
> On which plan!??!  Which plan can I get on the network with and which
> can I not?  There's a big different between a $9.99/mo plan and a
> $39.99/mo plan.  I don't want to become a neo developer if it's going to
> cost me an additional $480/year beyond the initial device cost.  This
> whole "don't worry about it, you can get on somehow" crap is absurd!
It actually isn't.. The only thing you need to worry about is the
settings that you need. *Any* GSM+GPRS plan will work, it all depends
on how much you want to spend on the plan. (It's not like CDMA which
is coupled with the phone, GSM uses the SIM-chip)

> Johnathan, it's not as simple as just "a GPRS network in the US".
Yes it is. Any GPRS network will be able to work with the Neo.
The only hurdle that you will have to get across is the settings. You
have to know what APN (Access Point Name) you have to use. And your
network provider will be able to help you with that.

> See my thread "What mobile service to get".  There are 12 data plans offered
> by cingular. Different prices.  Some of them have "Blackberry" in the
> title.  Can neo work with those?
It's just a name... nothing more. You get the Cingular Blackberry
UltraNifty Unlimited account (or whatever they call it) without the
actual Blackberry, pop in the SIM card in your Neo. Call up the
helpdesk, ask for the APN settings for GPRS, and you're set.

> How do you know?
Personal experience. I have set up my mobile phone (S-E T610) to use
GPRS myself, because I didn't like the walled garden they provided me
with (This has most likely changed by now). After a short Google
search I found Vodafone APN settings that I could use.

I hope you can get it figured out with the network provider.

Marcel de Jong

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