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Tue Mar 13 23:30:56 CET 2007

Jonathon Suggs wrote:
> Rod Whitby wrote:
>> I can't believe this thread.
>> Anyone who is going to be a phone developer should be able to do their 
>> own research on phone plans.
>> With the attitude being displaying ("I'm out and advising others to do 
>> the same"), I wonder what the reaction would be to a P1 device with 
>> bugs in it.
>> Anyone with an attitude of "OpenMoko must spoon feed me everything" 
>> should probably wait for September ...
>> Sheesh!
>> -- Rod
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>> The openmoko people had better provide us some information about what 
>> will work and what won't, or I'm out and advising others to do the same.
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> Agreed.
> And since Mike couldn't read my other post that had this exact same 
> information, I will post it one more time...just for him.  This time 
> with a little more detail.
> Cingular - SmartPhone Connect or Data Connect will work
> T-Mobile - Can't find the exact details, but you can sign up for a voice 
> plan, then add on a data plan as well...those data plans will work with 
> the Neo.
> Does that help?

SmartPhone Connect and Data Connect ONLY?

All t-mobile data plans will work? All?

Are you with the openmoko project or is your advice conjecture?  Is your 
advice official?

This is my point.

I would shut up since on this subthread, I look like the only one with 
the problem.  But if you read my "What mobile plan..." thread, you'd 
find others with similar questions and confusion.

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