Martin Lefkowitz lefko at
Wed Mar 14 00:08:09 CET 2007

I don't see what plan you should be getting has anything really to do
with Openmoko, other than helpful people relaying their experiences with
data plans in the USA.

Regardless of what phone you get you still have to navigate through the
different plans and what they mean.  If you think OpenMoko is going to
open a kiosk in a mall because you said so, your living in a fantasy

Why don't you collect all the information that came on this email list
and post it to the Wiki, or FAQ?


> What this has to do with wifi is covered in my last email.  If I can't 
> have wifi on the device, then I have to rely on the mobile service 
> provider.  If I have to rely on the mobile service provider, then I have 
> to figure out what plan to get.  If we have to do that, then the 
> openmoko people shouldn't leave us entirely on our own.  If they're 
> going to sell worldwide then they should FIGURE OUT worldwide.
> This is open source development.  So we developers aren't making money 
> here.  I for, one am NOT willing to pay $350 to get a device that I'm 
> not sure will work with whatever service I choose, and therefore that 
> I'm not sure I can even develop for.

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