Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Tue Mar 13 23:54:35 CET 2007

Mike wrote:
> SmartPhone Connect and Data Connect ONLY?
> All t-mobile data plans will work? All?
> Are you with the openmoko project or is your advice conjecture?  Is 
> your advice official?
> This is my point.
> I would shut up since on this subthread, I look like the only one with 
> the problem.  But if you read my "What mobile plan..." thread, you'd 
> find others with similar questions and confusion.
First of all, if you can't accept help from anyone other than and 
"official" OpenMoko developer, then you probably should not be a part of 
this community.  We will make things work together by helping each 
other.  There are only a few "official" OpenMoko developers, but there 
are many of us here in the community that will give you a hand if you 
will allow us.

That said, PLEASE ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU! (It's amazing that I have to beg 
you for permission to help you).


The stand-alone data plans are more expensive.  I can only speak from my 
personal experience in that I pay $19.95/month for unlimited internet as 
an add-on to my voice plan.  I'm sorry that I cannot find a direct link 
to an "official" site that says this is possible/available.  However, 
I'm just speculating that it is still available.

If you read, both Smartphone Connect and PDA Connect have unlimited 
access to  I've looked into this pretty extensively as 
I was considering switching to Cingular (from T-Mobile) due to coverage 
at my house.  I talked to an "offical" Cingular representative on the 
phone.  He said that I could use my PocketPC on the Smartphone Connect 
plan.  Therefore, in my "non-official" opinion, you should be able to 
use the Neo on the Smartphone Connect Plan.  It costs $19.95/month.

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