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Wed Mar 14 00:20:39 CET 2007

On 3/13/07, Mike <fromlists at> wrote:
> SmartPhone Connect and Data Connect ONLY?
> All t-mobile data plans will work? All?
> Are you with the openmoko project or is your advice conjecture?  Is your
> advice official?
> This is my point.
> I would shut up since on this subthread, I look like the only one with
> the problem.  But if you read my "What mobile plan..." thread, you'd
> find others with similar questions and confusion.
What exactly do you expect for an answer, Mike?

If I look at Derek Pressnall's answer (on March 11) to your thread, it
looks pretty clear to me what you need to know.

It's not an official word from OpenMoko, I agree, but they don't have
any other information either.

Are you going to Nokia/Motorola/Sony-Ericsson to demand they tell you
whether their GSM phones works with T-Mobile US / Cingular?
Of course it will work with their GSM phones, since GSM and GPRS are standards.

The Neo1973 is a simlock-free GSM phone, you pop in any (simlock-free)
GSM-sim card (any sim-only plans will do) into the phone and it will
work. Like you can do with any unlocked GSM phone.
And then all you need to do is enter the settings for GPRS access, and
you are done. You now have access to the internet, that your cellphone
provider gives you.

Don't forget, GSM is different from CDMA. It's not necessarily locked
to your phone, and as far as I can find out GSM providers can't block
access for one specific device, because technically they don't know
which device you are using.

I'll tell you, here in The Netherlands, we have PCMCIA cards with
SIMcard slots. You put these PC-cards in your laptop, insert your
SIMcard and you have GPRS internet access on your laptop. They can't
stop you. In fact, they offer that service here in The Netherlands

No, I'm not affiliated with OpenMoko either... so again this is not
the official word... But I doubt you'd get any different answer from
any of them.

I hope this helps.

Marcel de Jong

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