Mike Krier mikek at
Wed Mar 14 00:42:53 CET 2007

Marcel de Jong wrote:
> What exactly do you expect for an answer, Mike?

I expect something official for an answer from someone official.

> Are you going to Nokia/Motorola/Sony-Ericsson to demand they tell you
> whether their GSM phones works with T-Mobile US / Cingular?
> Of course it will work with their GSM phones, since GSM and GPRS are 
> standards.

No, because Cingular can tell me that. They can't tell me that for the neo.

> I'll tell you, here in The Netherlands, we have PCMCIA cards with
> SIMcard slots. You put these PC-cards in your laptop, insert your
> SIMcard and you have GPRS internet access on your laptop. They can't
> stop you. In fact, they offer that service here in The Netherlands
> themselves.

(I'm assuming you weren't directing that paragraph for me, I'm not in 
the netherlands).

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