Mike fromlists at
Wed Mar 14 00:45:36 CET 2007

Rod Whitby wrote:
> Please consider that it may not be the actual question you are asking,
> but the way in which you are asking it.
> Threatening OpenMoko by saying that you will tell lots of other people
> to leave the project is not a useful way to get your question answered ...

I disagree.

> Saying that OpenMoko should have details of *all* phone plans
> *worldwide* well ahead of a September public release is also not very
> realistic.

I didn't say that exactly.

> [Especially when in most (if not all) of the world GSM is GSM and the
> Neo will just work with whatever plan people already have for their
> existing GSM phone.]
> Remember that you are being given a *developer preview* of a future
> mobile phone that is being released in September.  If it was a different
> company, you would not see *anything* other than a press release before
> September.  You should temper your expectations accordingly ...

If it was a different company, it wouldn't be open source, and, thus, 
they wouldn't need a developer preview.  It's a circular point.

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