Robin Sonefors ozamosi at
Wed Mar 14 00:58:58 CET 2007

I have a much more important question, however: will the Neo work with
european electrons, or will I need to import asian ones? If I'd need to
import a new set of electrons to use for charging my battery every time
it runs out, it'd become very expensive very soon. If, on the other
hand, I could use my regular wall outlet, the power would be free.

Can anyone *OFFICIAL* give me any advice on this? If you don't do that
within 10 minutes, I'll get a Windows Mobile phone instead.

ons 2007-03-14 klockan 08:17 +1030 skrev Rod Whitby:
> I can't believe this thread.
> Anyone who is going to be a phone developer should be able to do their own research on phone plans.
> With the attitude being displaying ("I'm out and advising others to do the same"), I wonder what the reaction would be to a P1 device with bugs in it.
> Anyone with an attitude of "OpenMoko must spoon feed me everything" should probably wait for September ...
> Sheesh!
> -- Rod
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> The openmoko people had better provide us some information about what will work and what won't, or I'm out and advising others to do the same.
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