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> If it was a different company, it wouldn't be open source, and, thus, 
> they wouldn't need a developer preview.  It's a circular point.

Exactly, Mike.

And now that we are all on the same page about this being an
open-source project, it appears that it is being handled in the same
manner as most if not all open-source projects, through a community.

To me, if a community member has taken the time to do research for me,
and email me back with weblinks, and enough basic information for me to
make a fairly educated decision, I would not only be satisfied, but I
would be very grateful.

It really should not make a differece if the word was "official".  At
this point most of the people on this list are either developers are
linux hobbyists.  So I think that we should all be smart enough that by
collaborating, come up with some decent solutions.  If this makes you
feel unfortable about the "unknown", then it would indeed be better to
wait until september for you.  I am sure that many aspects of this
project will handled in a similar pattern of communication, through the

For me, this is not an issue.  I plan on actively participating, and I
am not worried about plans, because with any modern GSM carrier
(cingular and t-mo included) you can change your plan if it does not
suit you.

Folks, the point of this thread is for the community to ask the
community for help in finding an open-source wifi device.  This thread
has gotten completely taken over by this miscellaneous discussion about

Lets move the topic back to wifi chips.  This is the whole point of
open-source, we all have a say.  Right now the community needs to work
together, so lets do that!

How Much Is Your Time Worth I ask :) ?


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