I know why I dislike anonymous participants on mailinglists :((

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Wed Mar 14 13:27:25 CET 2007

Mike (or better everybody new to this project/list)!

I'm in favor to welcome everybody on this list,
to respect him and to help that his interest,
effort and skills will be supported and answered
that it is most efficent for him and the community.

But as hard as I try to stay patient and friendly,
I can't -  I can see you only destructive here on
this list - please leave this list and go shopping.

So my mail is not motivated on two reasons
1. to please you to stop
2. and to replay in a way that new people comming to 
   this project because of Seans call will not be
   put off because of your unspeakable noise here
   nor because of our reaction. But I think that Sean
   has found the right answer....
   So when you are new to this project/list don't spend
   to much (or any) attention to the demands from 
   anonymous "Mike".

On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, Mike wrote:
> Johnathon let me phrase it like this-
> I love the help of the open source community, I'm a part of it myself. 

Which open source community? Are you only consuming help
from communities?

When you would be a developer, part of another open source community,
why does you need to write anonoumous with a new mailaccount?

> But when it comes to whether or not I spend $350 plus an 
> officially-unknown monthly price, and likely with a two year contract, 
> then yea, I want big official advice with a golden seal of approval on a 
> silver platter with a company logo in a spotlight and smiling showgirls 
> on either side.

Sorry, I can't take you serious - please stop writing
anonymous here on this mailinglist (or better stop write
on this mailinglist in general) and do not continous to
kill an important threads with your %&§)"§

- who is paying you for creating silly noise on this list?

Who is saying that you need a two year contract for phoning?

I *would* have advices like:
So for just 10US$ you could get an GSM SIMcard with 6US$
account for dialing - vallid for 15 days to test any GSM 
device in this area for voice calls:
(Do not think that his coverage is eaqual to GSM in USA
general, nor that this orange coverage could not have
areas without working network inbetween)

Have you ever thought about to ask somebody of your town
about GSM coverage and experiances in your region befor you
bother us on this list? haaaa?

Have you ever thought to borrow a GSM device from somebody,
or buying a cheap (used) GSM device and spend 10US$ to test
the coverage of your town, of your room before spending
more money - or singing a two year contract (that very likly
is not needed)?

But you do *not* worth any help - you are help--resistant....
Please go to the next phone shop with smiling showgirls 
(they are smiling because knowing that they could sell 
persons like you everything... ) 
and stop flooding this important mail thread about Wifi chips
and call for GUI developers...

Better leave this list, now!

Thank you!


PS: Ahh, and when your aim is to sabotage openmoko (or someone
would try it in your style) your noise will not stopp anybody
here who is seriously active on/with openmoko - no it will/would
strengthen the community.
But who like to strengthen our community don't do it in the
style of Mike - there are more efficent ways to do this ;)

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