I know why I dislike anonymous participants on mailinglists :((

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Cingular is not clear as to which data plan is the proper one to purchase for a specific phone.  Some reps are well informed, while others are not.  I currently have a Blackjack, and after 3 days of asking which is the proper plan I just decided to screw it and went with the $40/month plan.  Some users have gotten away with the $20/month smartphone plan, and other users have not.  It all depends on who you get on the phone.  I figure it is a standard corporate thing for a company to issue overage charges, and refund them to those that complain, but let those that do not continue to pay them willingly.  I can attest to the fact that communication within a phone company does not exist (used to work for BellSouth).  Mike, from my personal experiences with Cingular, anytime I got overage charges from data, I refuted them and was credited back.  All that is required is to threaten to switch usually.  You do NOT have to sign a contract.  Contracts are used to offer a discount on
 a phone, that you are not purchasing from them.  All you would have to do is get a sim card from the carrier and have it activated with the voice/data plan you desire.  All of this is from my 5 year experience with Cingular.  I hope this will help.


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Robert Michel wrote:
> PS: Ahh, and when your aim is to sabotage openmoko (or someone
> would try it in your style) your noise will not stopp anybody
> here who is seriously active on/with openmoko - no it will/would
> strengthen the community.
Yeah, through all that ranting I think I/we actually laid out which 
plans will/won't work very clearly.  So, now anyone who will accept help 
from the list, can get it in a well refined/thought out manner.

So in a very strange way,
Thanks Mike

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