I know why I dislike anonymous participants on mailinglists :( (

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Wed Mar 14 16:21:28 CET 2007

That suggests that the isp apn does not use nat. If so that's cool. OTOH all (admittingly European carriers) do nat for internet access. OTOH the wap apns provide a walled garden that include a wap proxy that allows surfing http sites.

Despite how many people associate internet==IE, having a proxy that allows http access, massaging the content when accessed is not "normal" Internet access.

OTOH, one can build a tunnel through http, but it's a pita. add gprs speeds, plus the wap proxy and it gets a PITA.


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Betreff:	Re: I know why I dislike anonymous participants on mailinglists :( (
Autor:	"Jonathon Suggs" <jsuggs at murmp.com>
Datum:		14. März 2007 16:7:25

Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> well the wap apn would make me suspicious if you'll get normal internet connectivity with it.
> But yes if it's only wap, and if the final version will include a wap browser, then yes, the Neo will work with the plan. OTOH you might something different than what you expect from it.
> Andreas
The wap APN does provide "generic" internet access.  But the difference 
is that is uses a NAT'ed private IP address.  Therefore you probably 
can't use it with a VPN (you would need PDA Connect if that is a 
requirement for you).  But for basic browsing, it will work just fine.

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