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Wed Mar 14 16:50:13 CET 2007

On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 03:21:06PM -0400, Mike wrote:

> What this has to do with wifi is covered in my last email.  If I can't 
> have wifi on the device, then I have to rely on the mobile service 
> provider.  If I have to rely on the mobile service provider, then I have 
> to figure out what plan to get.  If we have to do that, then the 
> openmoko people shouldn't leave us entirely on our own.  If they're 
> going to sell worldwide then they should FIGURE OUT worldwide.

[you are completely forgetting about bluetooth!]

It is by all means not the task of a device manufacturer to give you
recommendations on what kind of calling plan for data services you
should subscribe in your particular country of residence.

Firstly, it's none of our business.
Secondly, there are just way too many countries, most of which have many
operators, each of which has incredibly complex calling plans, changing
rapidly.  I don't believe that a small effort of a hand full of
developers (like openmoko is) can ever reliably track that kind of

> This is open source development.  So we developers aren't making money 
> here.  I for, one am NOT willing to pay $350 to get a device that I'm 
> not sure will work with whatever service I choose, and therefore that 
> I'm not sure I can even develop for.

Please try to abstract OpenMoko from the FIC Neo1973 device.  OpenMoko
is a software platform and a Linux distribution. You can run it even on
your PC.  And its for free (even monetarily).

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