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Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> GSM should work just about anywhere. Maybe you could just tell us where
> you want to use this device? 
> Plus you're really arguing for no reason. This thread was _us_ asking
> _you_ for help getting WiFi into this phone ;-)
> -Sean

Sean, I did that in my thread "What mobile service...", I'm in NYC.

What I'm arguing for is that you either get wifi on the device OR 
provide official info about what service plan will work for the device.



First of all you're about 6 months to early with your argument; this is
still a developer device (one I'll be buying at release time).

Why do you argue for wifi on the device /OR/ official service plan info to
be released in a thread that indicated that the core team are attempting to
put wifi on the device as it is! This thread was started with a shout out
for some assistance from the community in tracking down suitable hardware
for such a task, NOT a question if wifi should be added or not!!!

Service plans are a moot point at this stage of development and have been
answered by this community as best they can. Have you tried speaking to
nokia or sony-erricson tech support or cust services to demand that they
tell you which service plan you should buy? Please try to remember that in
general the GSM model allows one bunch of companies to make phones and
another bunch of companies to run networks those phones will run on by all
adhering to a particular standard.

Go to your local GSM provider and try something like "hi, I'd like to be
able to use your network to phone people with my GSM phone but also browse
the internet/check my mail using GPRS please". If that doesn't get you
overloaded with the 30 price plans available this month. If it's anything
like the market in the UK then going in 3-4 months later there'll be a new
set of names and slight variations on each package. If you're looking for a
simple phone to by that will work out of the box with everything set up then
go buy a phone bundled with a contract and be happy about it.

I'll go out on a limb here and say (albeit a fairly stout branch) and say.
Neo1973 will work on any standard GSM network and via the GPRS component
will be able to get access to the internet.

Graham Auld

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