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Wed Mar 14 18:06:39 CET 2007

Dnia środa, 14 marca 2007, Mike napisał:

> If what you say is true, I can't imagine what the business case is for
> expensive third-party phones.  "Here's a $350 device, good luck getting
> it to be useful. Pick a two year contract and cross your fingers."

Expensive? Unlocked Nokia 6280 costs same price. Linux powered PDA are 
even more expensive.

For me 350 USD was not small amount of cash but for that kind of device it 
is quite normal price.

> I don't know how anyone makes the decision to buy such a device. 

My current phone was about 300-350 USD when it came to market. My previous 
one was 400-500 USD. OK, I got both for much less due to signing contract 
with mobile operator but if I would like to get them from normal market 
then I would have to pay.

Now you can buy FIC Neo1973 only on normal market which means 350 USD. If 
you want it cheaper then wait until September when it will be available 
with mobile contracts (which ones is currently unknown and FIC/OpenMoko 
are discussing such things with operators but no info before mass market 

But for some people this is hard to understand as you already shown by 
your mails and taking over thread. I hope that you will skip developer 
phase so I will not have to read/ignore your emails.

> I'm out,

Uf. one troll less

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