Device support / life (was: community issues)

Robin Sonefors ozamosi at
Thu Mar 15 02:35:19 CET 2007

ons 2007-03-14 klockan 21:04 +0100 skrev Elrond:
>    a) I have not read anywhere, that the P1 phones will be
>       "expect hardware issues" devices. And at least I did
>       not have the impression, that FIC tries to trick us
>       into being their hardware laboratory rats.
>       I really hope FIC will either deliver proper hardware
>       or be kind to people having paid $350.
>       (Warranty is also next corner.)

>From reading Harald Welte's comments, I get the impression that the
Phase1 phones are supposed to be more or less bug free, hardware wise.
Of course, bugs can always be found, but I think you could call it
"proper hardware".

Also, Sean has promised that the early adopters will be rewarded with
discounts or something like that (the exact details were not worked
out), so if you think that the hardware, in fact, isn't proper, you will
get compensation of some kind - and, since everyone will get this
compensation, you won't even have to fight with the stupid support staff
to get it. Is this an unbeatable offer or what? :D

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