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Matthew S. Hamrick mhamrick at
Thu Mar 15 08:05:13 CET 2007

Yeah... it's easy to sound snarky on mailing lists. I too was not  
trying to be sarcastic, but rereading my post, it looks like I was  
trying to dis Plaxo. Nothing of the sort. I too have friends who use  
it and love it. But for the reasons I listed, it's not really for me.

There's absolutely no reason why there shouldn't be a Meishi client  
for WinCE, Symbian or even J2ME/iTron.

Or even some way to import/export to/from Plaxo/Exchange/Mac Address  

With respect to the vCard bursting... yeah... but it's got to start  
somewhere. I was planning on releasing my code and specs as open  
source, so I would think that if enough people thought it was a good  
idea, some of the major handset vendors would start integrating it.

-Matt H.

On Mar 14, 2007, at 1:30 PM, Jonathon Suggs wrote:

> Matthew S. Hamrick wrote:
>> Yes... if you have a Blackberry, Treo or HTC phone, run Windows  
>> and don't mind keeping your data on Plaxo's servers, Plaxo is  
>> indeed a good solution.
>> Still... I'm fairly certain that most GSM phones can't make the  
>> data call to the Plaxo servers _while_ they are on a voice call  
>> with someone else.
>> The "vCard bursting" concept moves data directly from one phone to  
>> another without third party involvement. And it does is as part of  
>> the "session" created when you're talking with someone else. i.e.  
>> - you don't have to hang up the phone to receive burst vCards.
> Couple of thoughts.  First, this is an open platform for you to  
> create whatever you want.  So go ahead and knock yourself out  
> making this (actually not mean to be as sarcastic as it sounds).   
> Second, this is an open platform so you can either port the  
> Blackberry, Treo, WinMo app to OpenMoko.
> I don't use Plaxo, but I know people who do and like it (thought/ 
> thinking about trying it).  For ideas/apps that are a closed loop  
> between you and your data feel free to come up with brand new  
> protocols for the communication.  However, don't expect it to have  
> wide adoption.  Even if OpenMoko takes off, it isn't going to  
> become prevalent overnight.  So to have the ability to interoperate  
> with Blackberrys, Tres, WinMo PPCs (which make up a decent  
> percentage of the [smart]phone population) you are going to have to  
> be able to speak a common language.  vCards are pretty standard, so  
> the idea does have some merit (not that my blessing is a  
> requirement).  But unless most people are able to support "vCard  
> Bursting" then you target audience is only as large as the OpenMoko  
> install base.  I for one am not really interested in using a  
> protocol with such a limited user base, although it is an  
> interesting concept.
> Plaxo does what it does well.  I *somewhat* understand your not  
> wanting your personal data to be stored on someone elses servers,  
> but creating new protocols for data transmission is probably not  
> the best way to go about obtaining privacy/whatever.
> This isn't meant to be a derogatory post, but I would prefer to be  
> able to communicate with a broad range of people running a broad  
> range of devices.
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