Benjamin C Burns benjamin.c.burns at
Thu Mar 15 18:33:11 CET 2007

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> Companies like Cingular have been known to whitelist handsets.
> They *could* do it for the Neo. I highly doubt they would.
I mean no offense here, but by "whitelist," do you actually mean 
"blacklist," or ban?

I don't really follow the day-to-day of this market very much, but does 
FIC have any branding agreements with Cingular or T-Mobile?  If so, it 
seems unlikely that either provider would decide to outright ban a 
device that's built by FIC from their networks, just because it would 
make other device manufacturers think that they might be willing to try 
this power-play with them, and possibly reluctant to conduct future 
business.  It would seem even more audacious if they were to do it when 
the device had GSM and FCC certification - as they'd in effect be trying 
to say that those certifications are meaningless with regard to their 
network, which in turn might cause people to think that they aren't 
actually standards compliant.  Then again, I'm not sure if these 
companies really care about any of the above...

> If you want me to say that FIC promises your handset will work on any
> network in the world, our legal team will have my head ;-)
> What I will say is that if we find out this handset won't work in NY,
> I'll fight for you. But again, I _highly_ doubt this will happen. 

Good spirit to have -- let's get more people from more mobile-device 
companies saying this for their developer end-users...


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