Open Mobile support forums?

Danijel Orsolic libervis at
Thu Mar 15 22:18:14 CET 2007


As announced in another thread, is launched, starting minimal with a multi-user blog. However, we are considering adding forums if the community decides it to be worth doing.

So I am asking, would it be good to have a support forum for open mobile devices, including OpenMoko, where people who are interested in, own or would like to own such devices can come, ask questions, provide answers or just discuss issues relating to these kinds of devices?

Considering that developers mostly use mailing lists, these forums would be oriented more towards non-developers interested in this technology and as the open mobile community and standards grow, end users.

You can vote on this poll here:

After sufficient time (or sufficient amount of votes) when it will be clear what is the answer to this question, we will consider launching such a forum. If the answer is no, we wont. If the answer is yes, we most certainly will!

Thank you

Danijel Orsolic

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