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Fri Mar 16 09:29:08 CET 2007

Hi all,
	since I am student and students are always short of money, I
	would like to participate at SoC, and since I like OpenMoko, I
	would like OpenMoko to be my mentor org.

	From the idea page came me to mind To-Do list. One may say it is
	simple, but I want to do quite powerful one and I think I will
	came to troubles with OpenMoko libs. So part of work would have
	to be bugfixing/adding features to OpenMoko libs.

	I would like to do something like 'call for papers' and collect
	ideas of whatever it should be able to do. You can mail me
	directly if you doesn't want to flood mailinglist. I will be
	putting ideas to wiki.

		Martin Kupec
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