My Moko

Mary Stovel mstovel at
Fri Mar 16 14:54:45 CET 2007

Though not a developer,  I have been following this list for some  
time with much interest.  I am excited to see that wi-fi is being  
discuss again as a possibility in a future Neo.  I know this phone is  
in my future.

  I just got a new puppy and named him Moko.  People I meet around  
town like his name and when they ask me about it, I tell them about  
the openmoko  project.  Just my way of spreading the word.  Someday,  
people will just say "oh, moko....I have a phone connected with that".


P.S.  wonder if there is a way to use the neo to locate lost hang a mini Neo to its collar or be able to locate via an  
internal chip.  Dog owners would love that.  Cat owners too.    ;-)))

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