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Mike Hodson mystica at
Fri Mar 16 21:03:09 CET 2007

On 3/16/07, Mary Stovel <mstovel at> wrote:
> Though not a developer,  I have been following this list for some
> time with much interest.  I am excited to see that wi-fi is being
> discuss again as a possibility in a future Neo.  I know this phone is
> in my future.
I am the same way, Ive wanted a properly working phone since I first
got a cellphone, some 5 years ago now. Properly, in as much as the
fully featured hardware being able to utilize new software rather than
carriers hindering and forcing removal of hardware/software features.

> P.S.  wonder if there is a way to use the neo to locate lost
> hang a mini Neo to its collar or be able to locate via an
> internal chip.  Dog owners would love that.  Cat owners too.    ;-)))
This technology has been quite popular for years now, in Japan.
However, I dont think that until recently they used GPS signals, but
rather the microcell architecture of the "PHS" phone system.
Effectively you could expect an antenna box about as often as you see
a phone box sticking in the ground/on a pole over here, so the
tracking resolution is rather good without having to rely on
triangulation. if you can get within 1 block of your dog, you can
usually call to him :)


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