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mathew davis someoneinjapan at
Sat Mar 17 00:15:51 CET 2007

I have been very interested in the openmoko development and I see a lot of
potential.  I was just wondering where the openmoko project is projecting
it's self to be in the next 5-10 years.  For example will it stick to phones
or will it also include PC's?  Will it have a server version?  I think this
could be a real amazing operating system/platform/firmware.  You can see
Apple and Microsoft jumping all over this 3rd generation UI tools.  I think
Apple is focusing on the touch and Microsoft on the Voice.  I think openmoko
is in a unique position to offer both, as I have noticed posts about the
sound analyzing also.  Wouldn't it be great if you could work on your
computer and then on your way home just pick up your neo and start working
on it on the bus, train, subway, or when you get home.  You could have an
openmoko server that your pc connected to, your phone connected to, and you
know maybe a future tablet based computer that connected to it.  It could
manage all your documents.  Then you could have a storage space, control
backups, data protection, and the list goes on.  I wish I knew more about
being a developer.  I am a student now and am about to start my operating
systems class.  I hope I will be able to contribute more to the project in
the future.  I am just wondering what the projects future plans are.  Here
are some cool links to the touch pad technology.  It was a presentation done
by Jeff Han and he just finished another one this tuesday I believe but the
video is not released yet.  Here is the link where you will find the one he
did over a year ago.  And keep posted for the new one.

It's a cool site any way.  Maybe someday openmoko will be presenting there
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