Proposal: Personal Data Encryption (maybe SoC?)

Paul Wouters paul at
Sun Mar 18 18:57:21 CET 2007

On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, Knight Walker wrote:

> I vote no on this one, primarily due to not being able to access this
> information without nearby people hearing (Or possibly recording) the
> pass phrase (Think about trains, planes, buses, business meetings, etc).
> A user-defined symbol drawn on the screen or a password/PIN tapped into
> the screen would be ideal, preferably with a user-defined timeout period
> (1-minute, 5-minutes, until-phone-goes-to-sleep, etc).

Excellent idea. Let's ditch the passphrase/pin though, because once we
copy the data off phone to another device, brute forcing anything you
can type comfortable using a pin or keyboard will be trivial.

I really like the "custom drawn symbol" idea. It introduces a lot of
variables. Not only the lines, but also the timestamps on when scribbling


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