Galileo receiver

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Mon Mar 19 00:28:43 CET 2007

Hans Bakker wrote:
> Hello,
> would it be possible to use an hybrid GPS/Galileo receiver instead of
> a GPS receiver? Galileo (although it is not available yet, but the
> receivers are) will be more accurate than GPS Futhermore building this
> into the phone will make that you can use Galileo with the same phone
> instead of having to buy something else when you want to use it - the
> 'usable lifetime' of the phone will be increased.

It's very unlikely that GPS will go away in 10 years.

So, at best you're looking at a slight upgrade - 2-3m error in position 
  to 1m or a bit less.

For most things, this isn't important.
You're not going to be walking round blindfolded in traffic, using tones 
to tell you left/right.

And DGPS can get you better positions with the existing hardware - at 
the cost of downloading a couple of hundred bytes.

Currently dual mode chipsets tend to be more expensive.
Eventually - P2 or so maybe it may be a good idea.

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