Proposal: Personal Data Encryption (maybe SoC?)

Alexander E Genaud alex.list at
Mon Mar 19 01:16:30 CET 2007

An Openmoko device could facilitate encryption and authentication on
traditional PCs. For example, it would be nice to be able to copy
encrypted blocks (P/GPG) to the PC clipboard and send it via bluetooth
to an Openmoko where it can be decrypted, signature verified, and
displayed. Likewise, one should be able to sign or encrypt data on the
Openmoko device and send it back to the PC.

Secondly, many banks and corporations require authentication with the
assistance of a token. Some devices display a seemingly random number
every minute or so, while others accept pin codes and challenges. It
might be difficult for a third party (Openmoko) to interface with
existing systems (do VeriSign, ActivCard/Identy and the like make
public keys actually, uh, public?). However, a RSA signed timestamp
seems all that is necessary to create a grassroots single-identity
system. Perhaps companies in the habit of providing a standard mobile
phone and identity token to each employee might opt for a single
device, namely, one running Openmoko.


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