Proposal: Personal Data Encryption (maybe SoC?)

Tim Newsom cephdon at
Mon Mar 19 03:56:18 CET 2007

On Sun, 18 Mar 2007 18:05, Henryk Plötz wrote:
> Moin,


> Some feedback will be necessary so the user can see that the gesture
> was correctly detected before sending the PIN to the SIM. I propose 
> some
> sort of bubblebabble-digest.
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> Henryk Plötz
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Can't you just draw the lines that correspond to the locations touched? 
A gesture can be 1 symbol drawn over the entire screen without picking 
up the pin/fingertip... Or it could be a 5 second drawing of kanji or 
some other symbol.. In addition, since it has to be fuzzy, the gesture 
needs to be ralative to the start position of the drawing and should 
give a configurable amount of time to enter the entire picture/gesture.

Then someone could draw whatever they like in 5 seconds or 10 or 
whatever.. Or they could do something simple with their finger tip or 
they could actually write words on the screen, etc.  Plus, if you are 
going to have a 3x3 grid, you might want to make that configurable 
also.. To add a lot of variability in the supposed gesture / key.

Just a few thoughts... Flame away. /grin

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