Proposal: Personal Data Encryption (maybe SoC?)

Sven Neuhaus sven-community at
Mon Mar 19 12:28:28 CET 2007

Joel Newkirk wrote:
> Tobias Gruetzmacher wrote:
>> What I'm proposing is a user-friendly encryption scheme of the data the 
>> user stores in his phone, so any illegitimate user will not be able to 
>> get personal data about the owner of the phone.

> I'd like a good gestural interface for authentication - a passphrase or
> password would be a pain with a mini virtual keyboard, a pincode would
> remain a pain in many situations, a personalized fingertip doodle would
> be great.  Present a virtual keypad but allow a finger-drawn character
> or shape to authenticate.

If an abstract module like PAM is used for this, the user can customize the
authentication method she wants to use.

With regards to encryption - it'd be great if microSD cards can contain
dm-crypt'ed partitions. It's probably rather trivial to add this.


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