"Can OpenMoko Make Coffee?" - SoC Project Proposal

Ben Burdette bburdette at comcast.net
Mon Mar 19 20:44:55 CET 2007

> I think that the Neo1973 is both a phone and a portable handheld 
> device. Using it as a remote control is one of the things I've 
> personally been interested in this whole thing for. I'd like to think 
> of the OpenMoko device as an extension of myself into the world of 
> electronic devices. My own interface with the world ... until such 
> time as we can get wetware to do brain-computer interfaces, ;).
> --

Me too.  I want to use the moko to control a media center PC that is 
connected to my stereo, for queuing up audio files and etc.  My PC uses 
a video projector for the monitor and turning on the projector is too 
much trouble just for queuing up audio.  Leaving the projector on uses 
up the bulb life too.  I wonder if one of the linux based media center 
apps like mythTV would work for this?  A custom remote control app for 
the moko would be best, but a web browser interface would be fine too. 

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