Compressed SMS (and other text messages)

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Wed Mar 21 21:58:27 CET 2007

Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> probably a system that would automatically upload/download moko-ness information.
> This way all mokos could keep in touch, and people that switch phones
> more often would be able to tune it.
First, I'm not a SMS user (I use email.), so you can take this comment 
for whatever its worth.

This is just a very general statement, but I personally think that 
designing features that will only work with other OpenMoko phones is a 
bad idea.  Yes, there are some ideas that will probably only work 
between similar/identical devices, but they are probably going to be 
very specific and not receive as much overall development time.

My challenge is just to think bigger.  Think how this could be 
incorporated to work with *any* phone.  Then you can have a much larger 
group of people to brainstorm, test, and bugfix.  We have enough 
protocols and standards to support.  Creating yet another one isn't 
really going to help that much.  Also, I don't know anyone else that is 
planning on getting a OpenMoko device, so its pretty pointless for me at 
this point.  I know you've got to start somewhere, but starting out a 
battle fighting uphill isn't the best of ideas.

Sorry if I completely missed the point.

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