Compressed SMS (and other text messages)

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Wed Mar 21 22:11:55 CET 2007

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 21:58:27 Jonathon Suggs wrote:
> My challenge is just to think bigger.  Think how this could be
> incorporated to work with *any* phone.  Then you can have a much larger
> group of people to brainstorm, test, and bugfix.  We have enough
> protocols and standards to support.  Creating yet another one isn't
> really going to help that much.  Also, I don't know anyone else that is
> planning on getting a OpenMoko device, so its pretty pointless for me at
> this point.  I know you've got to start somewhere, but starting out a
> battle fighting uphill isn't the best of ideas.

I agree, instead of using a non standard SMS format, you better simply go the 
Jabber/$IM_OF_CHOICE route for which there are Java client's that would run 
on 100s of million cell phones right now. To make matters worse, it's not 
really feasible to send SMS (much less receive) with many Java 
implementations (and for good reasons) so this will mostly be constrained to 
OpenMoko devices...
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