Flash Player 9 on OpenMoko?

hank williams hank777 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 17:31:03 CET 2007

The flash situation is interesting. I spend a large part of my time doing
flash development, and the pervasiveness and importance of the flash
platform creates a really serious problem with the religious perspective
about everything openmoko being open source.

Flash is a critical element of the internet ecosystem and it is closed
source. Gnash is *not* a solution. I can tell you this as someone who spends
hours a day in the flash environment. Flash is moving far too fast to use
only a platform that is **years** behind for the benefit of being purely
open source. The flash development community, of which I am a part, is
aggressively taking advantage of new features and the adoption of the latest
version (flash 9) is faster than any previous version.

As I see it, not having a real version of flash makes openmoko much less
disruptively competitive than it might otherwise be. Developing apps with
flash really allows for the creation of much more sophisticated software
much more quickly. Of course flash 9 is currently not compiled for ARM, but
that will come. I just think that it would be incredibly valuable to the
platform to get flash 9 as soon as possible and not to worry about the open
religion in this arena. If the internet can survive with some closed source
apps, openmoko can too.

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