Flash Player 9 on OpenMoko?

esw at alum.mit.edu esw at alum.mit.edu
Thu Mar 22 19:03:01 CET 2007

So this is exactly what Adobe wanted.  They have a group of dedicated
users like Hank who demand flash support.  And they also hold all the
marbles when it comes to bringing flash to a particular platform.
Manufacturers such as Nokia are/feel "forced" to provide flash on
their internet tablet, and Adobe says sure, that'll be $_______.  Take
it or leave it.

Closed standards create monopolies.  Open source projects playing
catch-up can get around it to some extent; I'm happy with what I can
see using swfplayer.  But the [large] portion of the community that
demands support for the latest features at every iteration does force
companies to Adobe on bended knee.

I'm happy to be associated with a project that wants to be able to
tinker with even the tinest little part of every bit of the code.
This goes hand in hand with open standards.  No one will stop you from
loading whatever plugins become available.  But I for one don't want
to pay the Adobe tax to cause those plugins to be written.

Hank does effectively point out how user demand for compatibility will
be a significant hurdle to widespread phase 2 adoption.

Eagerly awaiting phase 1,

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