Gestures and Unicode Input

Gilles Casse gcasse at
Thu Mar 22 22:29:32 CET 2007

Ben Burdette wrote:

> I don't want to discourage you guys, I'm all for developing a motion
> recognition system.  It would be cool for using with a speakerphone
> output to spell words when you don't want to look at the screen.
> gestures to navigate an audio based UI would be great for the blind
> But for password entry it seems very insecure.  I mean, wouldn't
> entering a password with gestures be like sending secret messages with
> signal flags? Anyone who knows the system could just read what you
> entering.

The gesture could be done eyes-free the phone hidden in a pocket. 
The touch screen could hopefully be used as a chord keyboard with
speech feedback thanks to the eSpeak voice synthesizer.

Would the Neo become the next stage of Steve Mann's experimentations?




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