Wifi for OpenMoko - NXP BGM220 just announced

John Clark level323 at theinsideworld.net
Fri Mar 23 00:55:13 CET 2007

Dear OpenMoko developers,

I'm new to this list, but have been watching OpenMoko developments with great 
interest. I think the OpenMoko platform (and hardware) is the best thing to 
ever hit the phone market. 

I noticed your call for people to suggest Wifi chipsets that may be suitable 
for the OpenMoko and it's FOSS philosophy. 

One such potential item just blipped on my radar screen - the NXP (formerly 
Philips) BGM220. It seems to be so new that it's not even mentioned on NXP's 
website yet, but linuxdevices just posted an release on it.

According to the release, the chip is aimed as linux-based devices. It's 
probably one of the smallest Wifi SoC's yet and low power consumption is one 
of it's central features.

Sounds like a nice fit, so far.

Check out the release here:


I'm really hoping the next edition of the hardware contains Wifi. I currently 
own a Nokia E61 and it's Wifi capability is becoming an essential part of our 
telephony infrastructure at my company. Having Wifi on a mobile phone 
basically renders desk-phones redundant and allows for local roaming around 
the office block whilst on a VOIP call. If the OpenMoko had VOIP I would jump 
ship to it yesterday...

All the best,

John Clark

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