Compressed SMS (and other text messages)

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On 3/22/07, Ian Stirling <ian.stirling at> wrote:
> Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> > * Jonathon Suggs <jsuggs at> [070321 22:58]:
> >> Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> >> My challenge is just to think bigger.  Think how this could be
incorporated to work with *any* phone.  Then you can have a much larger
group of people to brainstorm, test, and bugfix.
> >> We have enough protocols and standards to support.  Creating yet
another one isn't really going to help that much.  Also, I don't know anyone
else that is planning on getting a
> >> OpenMoko device, so its pretty pointless for me at this point.  I know
you've got to start somewhere, but starting out a battle fighting uphill
isn't the best of ideas.
> >>

what about sacrificing a few bytes at the beginning/end of the compressed
data to include "to decompress, forward to xxxx".  If you've got an
openmoko/other compression capable phone, this would be disregarded, but for
the vanilla phone users out there, forwarding to that number/short code
would send the encoded data to a decoding server, which would then call back
to the sender with the decompressed message(s).

it's not really that good a solution, kind of kludgy, and it would cost
whoever you sent the message to several extra texts. On the other hand, it
generates some interest, and shows a tangible benefit to purchasing an
openmoko phone... for the heavy sms'er this could even start saving them
some cash.

anyways, I got to thinking of the compatibility problem, and this popped
into my head... hopefully it'll help spur some more ideas
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