Wishlist: IR LED (was Freq Range?)

Ian Stirling openmoko at mauve.plus.com
Fri Mar 23 21:42:03 CET 2007

Edwin Lock wrote:
> IR LED would be perfect!
> Just think, normal mobiles like my siemens can't access the IR hardware 
> because java(on the siemens) doesn't allow it. Only symbians can access 
> IR as far as I know..
> It would be brilliant if I could use the openmoko as a remote for my 
> hifi and my pc maybe, and for tv, anything with IR! Is there a IO pin 
> spare? Then I'd just add the LED myself, as long as someone tells me how 
> to...
> Please, someone tell me that there is a spare pin...
> (just my 2 cents and wishes :])

There are a couple of GPIOs, and the SPI bus brought out onto PCB pads.
Also, you can just wire an LED (with maybe some circuitry) across the 
vibrator motor.

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