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you are right except for one thing on my idea: you are considering only a
row and only a drag from left to right (or right to left..) in this case
only 2 characters will be draw. But think if you press the '1' drag to '3'
and drag again to '1' we got one press with four characters at output but on
finger splash to produce 4 characters (in the better case) we have to press
4 times. And you can drag not only to left or right but up, down...
did you understood?

I thought to adapt this to fingers splash: when the 'splash' appear if  you
continue dragging over the buttons of the splash it possible continues
writing that chars (like the speed script concept) but even with this we
stay limited to only 7 different chars in a drag...

please fell free to comment...


2007/3/24, Karsten Ensinger < at>:
> Hi Guy,
> first of all, please do NOT feel offended when I criticise some
> aspects of your idea. I am definitely prejudiced due to my
> addiction to the "finger splash" idea on the openmoko-wiki.
> The decisive difference between the "finger splash" idea and your
> idea seems to be the fact, that one can input several characters
> by a single stroke.
> Due to the restricted place we have on screen and the fact that
> we want to be able to use the input with a single finger, the
> number of "action areas" is limited to three of four in a row.
> If you take an arbitrary mobile phone in your preferred hand
> and try to use the keyboard (it doesn't matter if it is a "real"
> keyboard or a touch screen), you will use your thumb for
> typing normally.
> Unfortunately the thumb is the one of your fingers which has
> the biggest fingertip. This limits the number of "action areas"
> to less than four, if you take into account that a lot of
> people use their hands for work and therefore have some "special
> sized" thumbs (means: big hands).
> Your solution should fit for the majority of users and not only
> for people with hands sized like children.
> With three "action areas" in a row, the number of characters
> reachable by your idea will be just two.
> This two characters, to me, seem not to be a viable advantage
> over the "finger splash" idea nor legitimate the more complicated
> usage (one has to meet the correct boundaries to prevent typing
> more characters than wanted).
> Maybe you should adapt the complete "finger splash" idea as is
> and try to find a mentor for that. The original author of the
> "finger splash" mentioned that he will not be able to start
> with implementing his idea very soon and encouraged others
> to start with it.
> Why not you?
> Regards
> Karsten
> ---gsilva.85 wrote:
> > like someone said i wrote something about my ideia and put on wiki...
> >
> >
> >
> > what do you think?
> >
> > forgive me if you found some erros in english because i don't speak it
> > very well...
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